HTC’s plans for 2010: spotlight on Bravo

If the code names alone of future HTC devices weren’t enough to make you drool in anticipation for the near future, maybe these pictures will. Well, at least one of them should. What we have here is a leak of images and likely the final product names (for some markets) of a series of Android devices from HTC. There were some WinMo devices included in the original xda-developers post, but I’m not too concerned about those.

To be honest, while I’m stoked to see some new quality Androids and some that are clearly targeted at specific users for specific purposes, there’s really just one phone I am deeply, personally interested in here: Bravo. I mean that in the sense that I’m interested to the point that my wallet could get involved. Or a credit check. Whatever. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll gladly review and write about all of these devices and I’m sure they each have something interesting to offer. A clickable trackball with an AMOLED display is good for starters, but I want a Snapdragon in a bad way. But before we get to the star of the show, let’s take a look at the openers…

Oh, a quick word. You can throw in the usual leak disclaimer of course, but the dates and carrier information may not reflect US markets. The names may not even be the same as we’ll eventually see in these parts. OK? OK, let’s get to it.

Name: Legend
Category: Design / Lifestyle
Carrier: T-Mobile
Time frame: March


This is my second favorite device in the leak. Clocked at 600 MHz with 256 MB RAM, this descendent of the Hero should be able to hold its own with HTC’s Sense and an AMOLED display is a nice bump for the wait. Four capacitive buttons and a clickable optical pad. Nice.

Name: Buzz
Category: Social
Carrier: T-Mobile
Time frame: May


Buzz features interchangeable body plates for customization like Tattoo (this one is also QVGA) and adds a flash to the 5 MP cam. Interesting button layout here. Simple and friendly by the looks of it.

Name: Salsa
Category: Design / Lifestyle
Time frame: June


Really not my thing with the portrait hardware QWERTY but I know a lot of people love it and it’s clear which people this one is aimed at.

Category: Social
Time frame: April


Can a budget 10-key be rightly classified as a social device? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what this little QVGA bar can do.

Name: Bravo
Category: Performance / Rocking
Time frame: April


1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED display, 5 MP cam with autofocus and up to 720p HD video caprure… Bravo is right. Not to mention that it comes with a 16 GB microSD and optical joystick. Rock. Techno-Rock. But it gets better. Engadget tells us that this is, in fact, a carrier variation of Dragon/Passion (updates here) and that it is headed for the States in January.


Via Engadget

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