Is Moto’s Backflip headed for AT&T?


You remember the Backflip, right? It’s that phone by Motorola with the keyboard that faces outward when the phone is closed. Open the phone like a book, and you see the screen and keys.

Engadget has some new details, including an April or May launch on AT&T. It’s all unconfirmed, but check out the additional tech info: Supposedly, when open, the underside will feature a trackpad. The tipster says a 5 MP cam and flash is worked into the keyboard. There is another hinge position allowing the phone to be used as a display or alarm clock. Word is that it will be packing a Snapdragon. (?)

Feel free to disregard some or all of this info… but it is something.

Via Engadget by way of Android Guys

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