Motorola Cliq rooted, waiting on ROMs

A well-known ROM cooker called The Dude has rooted the Cliq but don’t go rushing into ADB thinking you’ll be flashing Cyanogen’s latest. This will give you root and the ability to run root required apps but no suitable ROMs are available just yet. The process does require a wipe but MotoBlur takes care of restoring a lot of your settings if you have the proper account.

The Cliq has taken much longer than most to reach root status and was apparently one tough nut to crack. The Dude has posted his how to over in the ModMyMoto forums with the following disclaimer:

Warning, I am not making you run any of the following programs. Whatever happens between you and the keyboard, is between you and your respective keyboards. I am not liable if you turn your phone into an expensive mirror with a keyboard.

Use at your own risk.

The hacker hopes to release an improved 1.5 ROM and possibly a 2.1 port before long. This may be the pnly way to get past 1.5 for some time. Dext users can also partake, but could end up without Internet.


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