Motorola Cliq update

There’s a Cliq update in the air tonight, folks, and I am glad to say that it should take care of that glitchy, drifting, touch calibration. I’m not sure what kind of interest there is in seeing me update the Cliq, but maybe those of you who are new to Android and haven’t received an update notification will appreciate it. Improvements, as listed at PhoneDog, follow the vid.

* Increased battery life when phone is idle or running applications
* New battery management feature: set to sleep after 30 minute idle, for example.
* Improved bluetooth for pairing, audio/call connections
* Improved touchscreen accuracy and reduced inadvertent screen touch pick-ups
* TTY Options
* Better business/corporate connections
* Improved caller connectivity, repairs issues with lingering connections after hanging up a call
* Quick Office 2 added
* Accelerometer Enhancements with responsiveness and accuracy

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