UPDATED: Motorola Droid rooted… kinda


I don’t have a Droid on hand – let alone a spare that I can tinker and test with – so I can’t personally verify that the Droid has been rooted. However, that is the word.

I also wouldn’t recommend to anyone that they run out and attempt to crack that puppy open. But if you actually need root and don’t mind risking your toy, here’s the how-to. According to what I’m reading there, it’s only good for ADB. You’re not going to be pulling root-required apps from the Market. That sort of nixes the whole point to me but I have a very simple, practical perspective on rooting. I know there are plenty of you out there who want to dig in and play. More power to ya.

UPDATE: There is now a tutorial for completing the process. You can now install root required apps. At your own risk, click here. Thank you, commenters and Twitter friends.

Via Engadget

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