Nexus One full spec list

The Nexus One has been propelled into the spotlight and has dominated the Blogosphere for nearly two weeks now with speculation about what this Golden Child of Google will be bringing along with it. The good news is that Engadget has stepped in to bring a halt to the guessing games with a full list of the Nexus one’s Specifications. The bad news is that you most likely wont be able to get a hold of one yet. Engadget’s tipster mentions a possible “Invitation only” period starting January 5th for people handpicked by Google. It is unclear how they will be picked but it is assumed that Android Developers will be apart of that select few. But once that is all said and done T-Mobile will be offering the Nexus One directly without contract. When that will be is still unknown. Hit the break for the full specs on the Nexus One.

Nexus One Spec Sheet 1

Nexus One Spec Sheet 2

Nexus One Spec Sheet 3

Via Engadget

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