Nexus One specs and hands on

I’d better say right from the start that I didn’t get any hands-on time with Google’s hype monster. Someone from Gizmodo did and it sounds pretty slick. I don’t want to quote their entire article so here are the bits that I found most interesting. Some of it was already known, but those few parts are worth repeating.

The phone is very smooth and rounded with a rubbery surface – at least on the back. There are gold contacts on the bottom that hint at a docking system and possibly an opening for a bunch of third-party accessories. Say, a stereo that you can drop the Nexus into, dash-mountable car docks, etc.

The screen is said to feature stronger, sharper contrast than both the Droid and iPhone 3Gs, which would make this the best screen on the mobile market. “Probably,” Giz emphasizes. The phone is also reported to be quite fast.

That animated wallpaper? It isn’t animated wallpaper. It’s an interactive background that can actually be controlled by apps. GIz mentions dB meters that respond to the music the phone is playing.

This is not an image taken from the Nexus One.

If you re on the DroidDog home page, click on through for the rest:

Giz also says that this device beats the hell out of the Droid and that if you’re looking for an Android device, this is the one to get.

This images you’ll find below come from Engadget and speak for themselves. This is, by far, the best burst of information we’ve received about the Nexus One since that very first leak.

Engadget is also reporting that the Nexus One will only be available by invitation at first, pointing out that developers are likely to be on the top of that list. I expect some tech bloggers to be up there as well. Time will tell. I hope we get some solid info at CES. Check the specs:




Via Gizmodo and Engadget

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