Flan wallpapers and ringtones via Nexus


I am more than happy to pass along a bit of substantial news regarding the Nexus One that comes from a source who isn’t looking to gain anything from the leaks besides knowledge and personal enjoyment. What we have here are some wallpapers and ring tones. They aren’t available due to a loose lipped Google employee (not directly, anyway) but thanks to the hacking community.

If you can manage to overcome the abominable audio pollution from the first video below for almost two minutes, you’ll see Flan booting on a G1. A better option is to watch .5 seconds at a time, bumping the timeline slider up in 30-second intervals. Nothing super interesting here, except a glimpse into the near future of the owners of rooted Android devices. O.K., this is the last stupid vid. (cont.)

If you are reading this at the DroidDog home page, click the link to for more images:

The ROMs are coming. For those who want to experience Flan’s wallpapers before downloading, here’s a small sample (cont.):



There’s not much new going on in the audio department. A few new effects, and masybe a couple of ringtones, but they’re the same kind of stuff we’ve heard on previous HTC Androids – most seem to have been culled from a sample CD collection. Last MT3G code: 1.

Via Android and Me and AndroidSPIN