20k N1s? We ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Estimates of the premiere week of sales for Google’s Nexus One aren’t all that strong. In fact, they sit right around 20,000. Compared to the estimated first week sales of Motorola’s Droid, 20k sounds downright shabby. That’s not exactly the bombshell many were expecting this week, and certainly not an indication that Google has burst out of the gates with their collective sites set on the golden ring.

However, the N1 has only launched on the nations 4th carrier…and not even really there. Google’s decision to sell direct may very well hurt them at the offset (seems to be the case so far) but don’t expect their approach to stifle sales for too much longer. With the phone set to launch on Verizon in the States and on Vodafone in Europe this Spring, and considering Google’s astronomical advertizing leverage, I really do think this could be the phone to rival all others. (cont.)


In fact, I think a quick warm-up on Magenta may be exactly what Android needs to really explode into the mainstream consciousness once the Nexus One lands on Verizon. By then, people will be quite familiar with the phone, having seen it in blogs, on the news, in papers, via countless ads in whatever media Google has its tentacles in, etc. I’m not going to say that this is the year of Android, or of the Nexus One, or anything like that. What I will say is that I expect fewer and fewer people will be asking me what Android is, and that more and more will ask me how to do this-or-that on their new Nexus One.

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