I’m ready for your Nexus One questions and requests

For those of you that are unfamiliar with my questions and requests videos, the process goes like this:

1. you send me questions about a device or ask me to show it doing something.
2. I make a video to respond.

Super easy, right? All you have to do is send me your questions or requests, including this tag in your message: #N1QA (That’s so I know what phone it’s regarding, and for organization purposes on my part).

There are two ways to give me your questions/requests:

Send an SMS (text message) to 503-MOB-BARK That’s 503-662-2275. (Texts only – voice mails will not be heard.)
@reply me on Twitter: @PhoneDog_John

Here’s an example of the type of stuff people send in:

#N1QA Show me the browser running with music playing and a text message coming in

I do my best to respond to all submissions. Thanks for participating!

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