Another leaked Bravo image

The name and likeness of Bravo are becoming more and more prevalent in the blogosphere. In addition to the image we saw last week, a Polish site called Komorkomania has unleashed this straight-on snap. While they couldn’t get a picture of Legend (another device leaked with HTC’s roadmap), the same folks mentioned that its aluminum body is a thing of beauty.

In addition to the optical trackpad, Bravo features Sense, a 1GHz Snapdragon, Dolby audio (!), a 3.7″ AMOLED display, Wi-Fi, GPS, 512MB RAM, 5.0 MP cam w/ 720 video capture, and Android 2.1. It looks like the five LEDs from that first render have now become two, but at least they still have that keen silver frame. They’re probably there for messages, charging indicators, etc., rather than as indicators of the current homescreen, which would have been cool, I think.


The rumored April launch in the States we learned about a couple of weeks ago is currently standing strong.

Via Gizmodo

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