Are you *sure* you want that myTouch LE?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Fender MT3G is pretty hot. If I had some cash to spare, I might even get one. The problem is that I already had a myTouch 3G and it got stuck in a boot loop on day 1 with no hacking or other unsupported activities to cause such a problem. I realize that I just got unlucky, but I can’t let go of the experience entirely.

I returned my MT3G because I had already been through a ridiculous hassle involving the continual exchange of 5 or 6 crappy G1s. I know what “like new” means to T-Mobile (or did at the time), and I ain’t havin’ none of that! My past experiences may be of little interest you in terms of how it may or may not relate to this post, but it’s pretty darn important to me. I’m sure the boot loop issue has been resolved, but sure enough to buy another myTouch? One that cannot be returned or exchanged? Like I said, I don’t have any cash to *spare*. How do you feel about the image below?


Via TMoNews

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