BEWARE: Malicious banking app on Andoid

From: AndroidAuthority

Some scarce information had presented it self this weekend about an app that has hit the Android Market that could be malicious. First Tech Credit Union has discovered a group of apps circulating the market made by a user by the name of  “Droid09″. The apps are most likely phishing for account numbers, passwords, or what ever else they can get their greedy little hands on. If you see an app made by the developer named Droid09,  STAY AWAY!

First Tech’s statement;

12.22.09 Rogue Android Smartphone app created
We recently learned that a fraudster developed a rogue Android Smartphone app. It creates a shell of mobile banking apps that tries to gain access to a consumer’s financial information.

Droid09 launched this phishing attack from the Android Marketplace and it’s since been removed. It’s called phishing because scammers go fishing for information about you or your financial account that may be used for identity theft.

Please note that this attack didn’t target First Tech accounts. Accessing your First Tech account from your phone’s web browser is completely secure.

If you did download the Droid09 app, please remove it from your phone and take it to your mobile provider to ensure it’s completely removed.

As a reminder, we don’t currently have an app for the Android phone.

Via: bit-tech, Slashdot, First Tech CU