Compal Tegra Tablet


Can you tell that tablet devices are the hot thing this year? It seems that every electronics company under the sun is coming out of the wood-work with a tablet or E-reader, Compal is no exception. NVIDIA was seen at CES showing off Compal’s Android tablet boasting wifi, SIM / microSD slot, Android 2.0, HDMI out, 1080p video, flash 10.1, and a 7 inch resistive touch screen. Those all seem alright, then add a Tegra on top? Keep in mind that this is only a concept prototype, but so far it’s lookin’ pretty good. Some people may have read the word resistive and lost interest, if you are still here, some of the new resistive screens that launched in the last few months have been really responsive. I wouldn’t count this thing out until we get some good hands on time with a production model.

Via Engadget

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