Entourage Edge and Spring Design Alex

Today at CES, chipset maker Marvell was spotted showing off two ready-to-go Android powered E-readers, the Entourage Edge and the Spring Design Alex.

Entourage Edge


The Entourage Edge, an interesting looking Android powered “dualbook”, has been given an official release date of February 2010 for somewhere in the neighborhood of $490. While that may seem a little steep, the EE does feature side-by-side book like screens, a 10.1 in. LCD on one side and a 9.7 in. e-ink screen on the other. Pretty cool, eh? Other notable features include wifi and access to thousands of books and text books, something that would be handy for all students out there.

Spring Design Alex


If you are looking for a little more traditional Android powered E-reader, that isn’t the Nook, look no further. The Alex is a vertical dual screen E-reader with a 3.5 in. touch LCD on the bottom, 6 in. e-ink screen on top, 624 MHZ processor, microSD slot, WiFi, 3G, EVDO/CDMA, and GSM. So far, by all accounts, the Alex has beat the Nook in speed and overall usability while still keeping a slim and slender design. Out of all the E-readers I have seen so far, with a price point around $399 or subsidized at even cheaper, the Alex would have to be the most impressive. Be sure to look for more info to come

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Spring design has announced a partnership with the book store Borders and will be selling the Alex for a whole $50 cheaper. This thing just keeps getting better.

Via Engadget

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