Google Officially Announces Nexus One…

…and then some.

nexus web meets phone

Everyone out there who has been itching to get your hands on a brand new GSM Nexus One “superphone”, the time has come. You can jump on over to right now and purchase an unlocked N1 for $530, or get one through T-Mobile with a qualifying rate plan and eligible upgrade for $180. At this point I think it would be rather redundant to rehash everything that Google said today because, well, you know almost all of it. The specs, price, software, and buying options were all dead on… well almost. The biggest news to come out of this meeting wasn’t so much the Google Earth app (which is amazing) or or the custom engraving that comes with every N1 you order (if you so choose), but who will be offering service. Right this moment T-Mobile will be the only carrier supporting the Nexus One but coming spring 2010, Verizon Wireless will have a version they can call their very own. Not only will VZW get a version but so will Vodafone, and with more universal 3G bands in Europe, most GSM carriers over seas will be able to fully utilize the phone right out of the box.

While the Nexus One stole the show, Google said some other things that are definitely worth mentioning. Some of the most exciting news involving 2.1 is that it will be brought to other devices as soon as possible, so before you know it, those G1 rumors might just pan out. Oh, and did I mention that a later build of Android will come with the ability to save apps to your SD card? According to Google they only reason they haven’t done it yet is for piracy reasons which they will be fixing with some encryption codes. Multitouch in native apps was pushed aside with “we’ll consider it”, and so was any info on a Nexus Two coming out any time soon, but the fact that people are dying for a hardware keyboard was brought up and responded to well. We just may have that to look forward to as well as CDMA / GSM devices for all your worldly travels.

I hope everyone is happy with what they have learned today, because all the Android fans out there have a lot to look forward to. We’ve got the release of the best Android phone to date, a Verizon version of that phone in the works , 2.1 coming to more devices, the ability to save your apps on an SD card… the list goes on. I know this isn’t the industry shaking announcement everyone was originally hoping for, but now that everything is said and done it’s shaping up to be pretty nice after all.

Don’t forget to check back here in the next couple days when DroidDog gets some unboxing videos and reviews posted that you won’t want to miss.

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