HTC Supersonic Screen Grabs…

…are probably fake. Okay, okay, okay. I probably shouldn’t be like that. After all, no one likes eating their own words. Before I go any further, check out the picture below.


No, your eyes do not deceive you. Not only does this alleged screenshot of the HTC Supersonic show it running Android 3.0, it’s doing it on T-Mobile. All we knew (or thought we knew) up to this point is that the Supersonic was a WiMAX device bound for Sprint. It was predicted to come out with a 4.3 inch touchscreen and Android 2.1 being powered by some sort of next gen processor. All of this was rumored, mind you, but this screenshot tells a different story. Kickstar13 from Tmonews brings up some really valid points on the legitimacy of this picture. The status bar has rounded edges (something stock Android ROMs do not have) and the model, which says “HTC Supersonic”, is not written like it has been in the past. Usually the model line says just that, the model. Not the manufacturer. These kind of things usually have a way of sorting themselves out pretty quickly, we’ll be keeping an eye out.

Via BGR, Tmonews

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