I’m off to CES!

It’s 11:45 pm on Monday night and my wife and I are trying to decide if she she should drive me to the airport and get very little sleep before she works or if I should take the bus and train. I’m leaning towards the latter. Whatever our choice, it’s very unlikely that I’ll be getting up and writing a post about the beginning of my trip at 5:00 am. I’ll be back tomorrow night with…something, though it may be little more than a picture from my hotel window. I’m arriving the day before the major CES festivities begin and I plan to enjoy it!

Once the announcements, shows, meetings, etc., kick off, I and Adriana, Aaron, and Noah will be providing lots of coverage for PhoneDog. Check DroidDog for Android-specific news, and follow me on Twitter.

See ya later, when I expect that all of the juicy details of a Nexus One release will be common knowledge.

Take care