Lenovo’s LePhone

I’m sitting next to PhoneDog’s Editor in Chief at a table in the Venetian’s AquaKnox after my first CES 2010 event: a Lenovo event where the company introduced three new integrated products that feature “a focus on mobility, always-on push technology,” and are, “optimized for mobile Internet.

The first is a super slim smartbook called the Skylight, which is the first ARM-based smartbook. Second in light was a “hybrid notebook” that, very oddly, runs Windows when used as a notebook but switches over to a customized Linux-based OS when the screen is popped out of a plastic shell to become a tablet. But the star of the show – both in my eyes and clearly those of Lenovo – was LePhone: a sexy device running the Android-based OPhone operating system that snaps into modular accessories like a full QWERTY keyboard.

One popular phrase used consistently throught the presentation of LePhone was “contact-centric, people-centric.” And it looks as though Lenovo has taken the cue from HTC and Motorola in their approach of the organization of accounts, messages, images, and other data.

I’ll post more material later tonight. For now, here are a few snaps:






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