Motorola Droid Minor OTA Update

Just in case you haven’t noticed, or received it yet, Verizon has been pumping out a minor update to the Motorola Droid in preparation for things to come, like that 2.1 upgrade that was mentioned awhile back. The update also fixes some Facebook issues that may have been bothering some of you. That’s not even the best part. Word is it’s also improving battery life. I don’t know about you, but even if my phone’s battery lasted 5 days, I would still want it to last 5 and a half. Am I right?

Via Engadget


OK… Now Motorola says there is no update. @MotoMobile tweeted “For DROID user asking about an OTA update, we have not released a new one since Dec. update.” Something seems screwy here.

Via Android Central

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