My favorite apps for Google’s Nexus One

I am often asked what my favorite app is for a given functionality. Bouncing between various phones and versions of Android, my answers tend to be different each time. There is a core set of apps that I regularly rely on and considering that I’m using Nexus One pretty exclusively at this point, my app dance has slowed down a bit. A lot of you are asking me questions about my preferred apps and widgets for use specifically with the N1, so I think this is an appropriate time to make a comprehensive list of my daily use software. Besides all of that, it’s been far too long since I did one of these.

Here we go…



Before I can get to any of the social apps or news widgets, I need to introduce you to my favorite home replacement for the N1, Home++. I had a few problems with the 2.1 stock home app force closing on me, so I tried this one out after a Twitter connect vouched for its stability. I haven’t had a crash since, and I am hooked. I might gloss over a few of the apps in this list, but Home++ isn’t one of them. This (free) bad boy deserves its own video:

next app: Smart Keyboard

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