myTouch 3G Limited Edition: Clapton

It looks like this phone has taken the nickname, “Clapton,” according to the title of the video below, posted to T-Mo’s official YouTube account. Maybe that’s the name of the commercial. Does that make this the God of phones? Sounds like a good title to me, and this phone needs all the extra style it can get at this price. Don’t get me wrong; I love the finish, the 3.5mm audio jack, the 16 GB SD card and the 288 MB of RAM (See update after the video). But with Nexus going for the same price on a new contract ($179), there’s not much of a contest here. For existing customers who want a new hack toy, be prepared to peel off $449. I really, really want one…but it just ain’t gonna happen. Ships with 1.6 and should see 2.1 before long. Goes on sale Feb 10th.

UPDATE: It seems there has been confusion regarding the RAM of this device. Apparently, T-Mo posted the wrong specs at their site!

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