On-the-ready calling with Dial@Bar

Are you one of those people who just can’t be bothered by the need to hit your home button in order to tap your dialer or contacts icon? Maybe you’re just looking for ammo against all those folks that say Droid can’t dial while browsing. I stay out of the does/doesn’t wars, but I’ve heard it mentioned.

Whatever the case, whatever your reason for needing it, Dial@Bar brings your dialer and or contact book one touch away from Android’s notification bar. It’s free, so why not try it out, right?

Search the Market for “Dialer@Bar” and choose the version for 1.6 and below or the version for everything after:


Install and launch the app, and you’ll be given options to show or hide a link to your contacts and dialer. You can also set the app to launch on boot. Try out the links individually or in combination to see which you prefer:


The next time you’re browsing or playing a game and feel like making a call, just look up at your notification bar:


If you see the a-z or phone icon, you’re good to go. Drop down the notification bar and…


Tap a button to bring up the corresponding app.


Like this app? Have problems with it? Let all of us know in the comments.

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