Remember the Milk on Android…for FREE


If you’ve read many of my posts here or over at PhoneDog, you probably know that I am an ardent advocate of the task list app/website/desktop program, Remember the Milk. I’ve written about it many times, and while I’ve occasionally strayed in my quest for my perfect to-do list, I’ve always been called back to ol’ faithful. The problem is that, in order to use the official RTM app on Android, you’ll need to upgrade your account to pro-level at the RTM website. Now this $25 per year fee isn’t an issue for me. I feel strongly enough about their services that I am perfectly willing to pay, and I know I’m getting my money’s worth.

However, as much as I support RTM, I think it’s useful for me to provide as many free solutions to DroidDog readers as possible. Considering that I honestly believe RTM is the best service of its kind, it makes sense that I point out some sort of work-around for those who want to test the waters before dropping the cash and for those who refuse to pay for apps. As it turns out, there is a great solution. But why bother with RTM at all? There are other apps for managing tasks.

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