Sense-packing Bravo coming sooner than expected?


Engadget Mobile is reporting (via Swedroid, via 3 Sweden on Facebook) that HTC’s Sense-equipped alternative to the Nexus One will be rolling out ahead of the the only schedule info we had before, which slated the device for April. The Facebook message from the Swedish carrier, 3 Sweden was:

3 Sweden: We have just taken the decision to take on HTC Bravo (expected in March) and that basically is the same as mobile Nexus One.

This still could point to an April release for the States, and I really do hope to see this phone on T-Mobile. I’m sure I’ll enjoy my Nexus One for the same reasons I enjoy any stock Android install, including the ability to customize home and keyboard replacements, but I’ll take Sense over the other third-party options in a heartbeat if it’s running on a Snapgragon processor and a killer display. After all, you can’t download Sense in the Market. Something tells me I won’t be the only one with a Nexus on ebay if this thing hits Magenta. Could it happen in March?

Via Engadget Mobile

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