Spotify finding home with Android 2.1?


If you are in Europe and have an Android device then you will know just how nice it is to have an app like Spotify at your disposal. For the Android users in the U.S. though we could only hope for some love. Rumors flying around (via TechCrunch) are suggesting that the Spotify app might find it’s way here.

The aggressive negotiations with labels over price for a U.S. launch have been met with some little movement from both sides-up until now. The labels wanted a paid app to almost total $14 a month subscription and Spotify wanted to run it for free with adds supporting the widely loved music app. From what TechCrunch is reporting a compromise has been reached, but only a “very limited” amount of people will actually see a free app – the time being.

What is also promising is that they have confirmed that Google and Spotify have had convo’s that the long awaited app with be built in to Android 2.1 and will be on the Nexus One at launch. Google wanted Spotify badly enough that they were willing to cover the label costs for every user of $3 – $4 per month.

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Via: TechCrunch