Survey says! Android stirring up the mobile OS world.

Survey Says!

I always enjoy when fun surveys come out of the wood work and show us all what the rest of the world thinks of the Android mobile operating system. A survey conducted by ChangeWave shows us just how big Android has become.

ChangeWave surveyed 4,068 consumers from December 9th through the 14th and gathered the following statistics:

  • 4% of smartphone owners are using Android (3-pt jump from Sept.)
  • 21% of those looking to purchase a smartphone would prefer Android an Android phone (15-pt jump in three months)
  • “Motorola (13%) is registering a huge 12-pt jump in terms of future buying – the first increase for Motorola in a ChangeWave consumer smart phone survey in three years.”
  • HTC jumped from 5% to 9%

In case numbers don’t satisfy you please feel free to look at the images below. iPhone still is the number “want” amongst consumers at 28% but dropped 4-pts, with RIM comming in at third 18% (1-pt jump).




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Via: ChangeWave