T-Mobile offers Android from the Clearence Shelf

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The guys over at TmoNews have word that T-Mobile will be cutting the prices of all their Android devices starting January 15th. Its not uncommon for carriers to lower prices for newer incoming devices. T-Mobile will be launching the Mytouch 3G Fender edition on January 20th. The new price point will be:

T-Mobile G1 $99.99 with 2 year contract
Motorola Cliq $149.99 with 2 year contract
Samsung Behold II $149.99 with 2 year contract
The Mytouch 3G will continue at the price point of $149.99 with 2 year contract.
The G1 gets $20 lighter while both the Cliq and the Behold II get cheaper by $50 and $70 respectively.

Via TmoNews