The Future Of Google Voice

As of late Google has been pretty lipped when it comes to news about the future of Google Voice and the Nexus One. When an executive actually says something of intrest, we listen. Ex-Yahoo! advanced development division leader and now Google executive Bradley Horowitz was recently interviewed by eWeek and said something about Google Voice that has everyone buzzing with excitment in regards to where the service may be headed in 2010. Bradley was quoted saying,

“What we’re trying to do with telephony is give people a seamless experience that frees up their telephony communication from the silos where it’s lived for the last decade. Voicemail, my contacts, all of those things have been segregated from the rest of my Web experience. We have big plans to do a better job.”

A lot of readers may be wondering what this means to you. A couple of days ago on DroidDog an article was posted that touches on how amazing VoIP for Nexus One users could be. The post mentions how a scenario like VoIP kicking in after your 500 minutes was up to take care of any extra calls you make would cause phone plans to be cheaper for most people. What if a carrier was offering a plan that gave you nothing but unlimited data use for around $40-$50 a month, but by using VoIP and something like Google Voice, you would actually have unlimited everything? Would you go for it? I would gladly pay $530 for an unlocked handset with specs like the Nexus One, pay a company like T-Mobile 40 dollars a month to use their data network, and then just have all of my device’s services handled by Google for free. The best part about all this is that with a little time and cooperation from participating companies, these kind of plans could be put into action right away. This is all just talk and rumors for now, but it’s something that could some day very soon become a reality. Not just a reality but the future of mobile communications. Like all great things, this would take quite some time to put into action, but I have a feeling that it would be well worth the wait.

The article I mentioned earlier can be found here.

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