The Saturday Wrap: 01/16/10

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Android Versions

For those who haven’t been following Android over the last year, Google has chosen a sweet and comforting convention for naming different versions of their mobile operating system:

1.5 is Cupcake
1.6 is Donut
2.0 and 2.1 are Eclair

and here’s the surprize…

The next version is reported to be Froyo (as in frozen yogurt), and not Flan, as has been anticipated for some time. No word on when we can expect the update or what the version number will be, but at least we can get started with the blog thumbnails featuring the next treat.

Google has released the Android 2.1 SDK, so Froyo must be on their plates (in their bowls, cups?) right now.


Because I missed the Wrap on 1/09 due to CES, I’m going to try to cover all of the device updates that have been announced since January 2nd. I’m thinking that I’ll need to get a post together theat clarifies where the major phone sit in regards to updates as they’re getting increasingly difficult to track. Please speak up in the comments if anything is missing here.

The Samsung Moment is getting another update, CL14, which takes care of some fixes but doesn’t bring a new version of Android. Verizon’s Eris will also be receiving such an update. HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, Moto’s Cliq, Dext, Milestone, and Backflip will all get 2.1 in the 1st half of 2010. Cliq may see 2.0.1 before 2.1.

I should also mention that Motorola will be working towards multi-touch on all of their devices going forward.


There’s plenty of news about new and rumored phones, so let’s just dive right in. Bravo is now expected to launch sooner than we previously thought, and I am hotly anticipating this phone. It’s right next to Nexus for me in terms of fascination. I hope I get to try one out SOON.

T-Mobile is finally launching their limited edition Fender myTouch and the Milestone will be hitting Canada by the end of the month. (Hello mutli-touch on AT&T’s 3G!)

Is Motorola working on Ruth and the Nexus Two? No, no, no… NOOOO! (Sorry.)

Also check out Hisense and LG.


I finally got my own Nexus One, but got tangled up in T-Mo’s contract eligibility drama and ended up paying full retail. Looks like I won’t be a part of that price adjustment. I unboxed it on video and started one of my questions/requests video posts.

The N1 has been rooted though the benefits are currently limited. Broader use of multi-touch is likely to come along, but I’m not very motivated at this point. I can get screenshots with a home replacement and the processor is clocked high enough for me. Not sure if I’ll end up hacking it or not. Depends on what the community comes up with! (Probably plenty of irresistible root-required apps.)

I personally haven’t experienced problems with the EDGE/3G issue. Check out Andrew’s myTouch vs. Nexus vid and his look at live wallpapers.

Here’s a Droid vs. Nexus video from Wirefly.

Hacks and Mods

The hack and Mod community is far too active for me to cover all news, but I like to summarize the items that have appeared at DroidDog. Check out Carlos’ video about the first ROM with Eclair camera drivers and Orlando’s review of Cyanogen w/ Zapote21′s theme. If you’re looking for solid 2.1 ROMs for myTouch and G1, check this out.

Promotional Stuff

I occasionally get into the promotional stuff surrounding Android. Here are a few bits that jumped out at me:

T-Mobile unloading Androids
Milestone sees a price drop
Canadian Dream owners get free Magics (really?)

It’s time for me to hit it, so here are a few other items I think you should check out, list-style:


Meebo IM


2.0.1 security flaw
Rogers Dream 911 issue?


ICE Ultra Tablet
Compal Tegra tablet