The Saturday Wrap: 01/30/10

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Things to Come

With the ultra busy season of launches and announcements behind us – well, one of them – now seems like a good time to look ahead at the devices of tomorrow! Ooooooh, cue the soaring, futuristic synth fx! The myTouch Slide (previously known as Espresso) was recently photographed and the keyboard looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get my digits on the trackpad, either. Speaking of HTC *wooooosh* PHONES OF THE FUTURE(!), the hotly anticipated Bravo turned up again, and this time, we can see that the five LEDs from that early render have been consolidated. It looks like HTC also has a Nexus One for AT&T in store.

Motorola’s Zeppelin made its first public appearance, and it’s the first of many Androids for Moto this year.

A couple of tablets are turning heads at the moment, one from Dell, and the next Archos. Sammy’s got a follow-up for the Galaxy, and I’m wondering if it’s any indication of Behold III. Forget the Cube, it’s Pyramid time, baby!

This week in Nexus News

I’ll keep it short: Colorware will make your Nexus a knockout, the Desktop Dock is distributed and unboxed, and…that’s it.

Hacks and Mods

DroidDog has a thorough G1 hacking guide up now, thanks to Neil and friends. Carlos put up a video review on MLIGN-Hero v.3.3 ROM, and Andrew took a look at Cyanogen’s 5.0 ROM for the Nexus One.


A bit of a slower week at DD for app coverage, but there is a post on Firefox mobile coming to Android and a handy-dandy piece on getting pretty decent Remember the Milk support for free.


I’ve got a lot of big projects in the works, folks. So, if you’ll excuse me… Have a great weekend.