Tradui: Creole to English translator

With the tragic Earthquakes over in Haiti officials have been scrambling to get aid to the island. Many people around the world have already donated millions of dollars to the Relief effort over there. And here is a great example of how others have been helping the expedite the effort and make the help being offered more effective.

Tradui is a free Dictionary on the Android Market that translates words from Creole to English and vice-versa. Coming out of Crisis Camp DC and created by Intredea, Tridui makes use of the information from the HaitiSurf Creole to English Dictionary. On startup there is a text-field for word input that automatically translates the word you are looking for. Pressing menu will display the choices of “Creole to English” or “English to Creole”. When translating it will also offer possible synonyms for the word you are looking for.

There are also separate sections per language that have many of each language’s words listed in an alphabetical list. So if you don’t know how to fully spell the word you are thinking of you have a good chance of finding it in the list of words under its beginning letter. My run through with the Dictionary has been pretty good and there aren’t many words that it will not recognize. I doubt that there are many Android devices in use in the Relief effort over in Haiti but at least its a step toward the right direction. This Application is also awaiting approval in Apple’s AppStore. Intridea has also put the code up on Github. Hopefully this one will be getting some good use.

Also don’t forget to help with the to the Relief Effort in Haiti by texting “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 from your cell phone bill. Think about how easy it is to give $10 next time you stop by your nearest FastFood chain. Any and all donations are greatly needed

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