Vegas is Vegas


Despite the fact that I’ve been to Las Vegas quite a few times, and despite its current position as one of the most tasteless cities on Earth, I still get a kick out of being here. This is the first time I’ve been here on business but I haven’t seen a single gadget yet not directly related to gambling, so I’m just enjoying this bizarre place for what it is. Rather, for what I perceive it to be. It’s a different experience for different people.

There are families here sucking in the kid-friendly capitalism, obnoxious drunks, jet-setting international folks who gamble like they own the joint, lovers on getaway, desperate people down on their luck, and people from just about every other walk of life you can imagine. One of my least favorite is the pack of testosterone-fueled, misogynistic youths who celebrate their first trip away from their cozy, sheltered little world by harassing anyone within earshot. They’re always here. All the stereotypes are here – from the 1980′s teen flick gang of evil karate punks (well, same idea) to strung-out hookers and shallow socialites. But that’s what I love about Vegas.

I wouldn’t want to live on the Strip where immigrant workers loudly flick the business cards of prostitutes less than centimeter from your eyeball while they yell filth at you in Spanglish, and this town’s lack of local resources make it a kind of risky place to live during a recession anyway. Not to mention I’d probably turn to dust if I had to spend an entire Summer here. But still, I like coming back here when I can. Well, when I have some money to spend. Thankfully, I can get by with very little. I just turned $5.00 into $75.00 on a 2 cent bandit in approximately ten minutes. I turned it into nothing over the course of the following two hours, but I had some fun and got a decent drink out of it. And that’s all I really expect from this gaudy trap. That’s Vegas to me. Why is this chair so sticky? O.K., ready for some tech stuff…