Acer Liquid e heading to Rogers

Liquid eWhich means, plain and simple, you can feel free to buy it unlocked and run around with it on your AT&T contract. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Okay, so, it looks like Rogers has done what they needed to make sure that they’ve got the (potentially) only Android 2.1 device available in Canada. We added potentially in there because one, the MILESTONE is running 2.0 (which is basically 2.1), and the MILESTONE is probably going to get upgraded sooner than later. If you want to compare apples to oranges, at least that means Rogers has a 2.x device to take on Telus’ 2.x device. So, that’s good. We’re not all that fond of the Acer Liquid e, simply because it’s an underclocked device. Acer put the Snapdragon processor in there, but decided that they should trim it back a bit, for whatever reason. We don’t condone these kinds of actions. As it stands though, the 768 Mhz should get you by just fine. There’s not an exact word on release as of yet, but Rogers is aiming for a Spring date, and will unveil the pricing and other details when the time nears.

via Electronista

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