Adobe focuses on smartphones with Flash

Flash 10Adobe’s been in the news almost every week, in one way or another, over the last few weeks. You’ve heard, right? Adobe’s CTO, Kevin Lynch has certainly heard, and he’s pretty outspoken on the whole thing. He wants to set the record straight in regards to how people look at his company, and think about their product, and he’s got a pretty good strategy to make that happen: show it off. That’s exactly what Adobe did in Barcelona, during Mobile World Congress. They decided to show off to the world just what it was Adobe is planning for the mobile platforms of the future, and they did it all with the help of Google’s Android. While Adobe’s AIR software will be hitting several different phone models, the more specific Flash 10.1 was showcased on a Nexus One, the king of Android phones (currently on the market). Lynch wants to make sure that everyone knows Flash is still here, and with the help of Google, that may just be an option for the mobile industry. Plus, it does well to segregate them from the “i” competition.

via All Things D

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