Alcatel OT-980 With Android


What? You’ve never heard of Alcatel? I don’t blame you. Alcatel is a relatively small handset manufacturer known for throwing out low to mid range devices overseas, with a couple here and there in North America (see: Simple Mobile). With few exceptions, the French Chinese company isn’t straying too far from the their past endeavors with the OT-980. What exceptions you ask? Well for starters it’s running Android 1.6. I’m sure by now you’ve also noticed that Palm Pre-esque form factor, something never before seen in an Android device. The rest of the specs look something like this:

Android 1.6
Resistive QVGA (240×320) Touchscreen
600 MHz processor
2 megapixel camera
Compass, Accelerometer, WiFi, A-GPS, 3G
microSD memory card slot
1150 mAh battery

I would have to say the worst looking thing about the device is the screen. With a QVGA 240×320 screen, Android will filter certain apps out of the market that won’t display properly. Hopefully nothing too major because the rest of the specs look rather nice, especially at a price point lower than the HTC Tattoo. Expect to see the OT-980 launch sometime in the first half of 2010 on Orange in Europe.

Via Android and Me

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