Android apps are about to get 3 times faster!

Myriad Group AG, a member of the Open Handset Alliance, unveiled yesterday a brand new high performance virtual machine, named Dalvik Turbo. It would replace the standard Dalvik engine that Android uses to run applications.

Dalvik Turbo increases application execution speed by up to three times ‐ allowing OEMs and operators to bring smoother delivery and more complex applications to Android phones, while also providing substantial battery life improvements when running resource intensive tasks. It also enables developers to take full advantage of Android, allowing them to create games boasting advanced graphics and complex models while retaining full compatibility with existing software.

You can bet the guys at Google are all over this right this moment. A three times speed increase on Android apps would allow even the G1 to run the most complex apps. It would also improve battery life, something smartphones tend to suck at. However, the best part about this is “full compatibility with existing software”, meaning we could see the benefits of this new Dalvik virtual machine very, very soon. This is one of the beauties of Android, things like these could only happen on an open environment where several companies innovate together.

The guys from Myriad will be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 15th‐18th February 2010. That is just around the corner. This is going to be one of the biggest news during the event, can’t wait for it.

(Myriad via Engadget)