Android News Mix: Gingerbread Edition

Feeling low on your Android news diet? We’ve got the answer. Three cookie-sized (get it?) pieces of news small enough we can fit them in a single article, but big enough we can’t let them pass.

First up, the next pastry-inspired codename for the Android OS will be Gingerbread, according to a Googler. It is anybody’s guess what name will begin with “H” though.

Next, straight from your favorite science-fiction movie comes this statement from Franz Och, Google’s Head of translation services: “We think speech-to-speech translation should be possible and work reasonably well in a few years’ time” Yes, apparently in a couple of years we will be able to talk in a language and have a phone say the same thing in another. This will make for even funnier translations. When you ask your Latino neighbor if he wants to hang out and he suddenly punches you in the face, at least you’ll know who to thank for that.

And lastly, if you’re stuck on an Android version lower than 2.1 you have yet another reason to bash your phone’s manufacturer and to buy the phone directly from Google next time. When Flash 10.1 arrives for Android phones, it will only work on version 2.1. However, Flash 10.1 is supposed to arrive the first half of this year. Maybe by then most phones will be updated to 2.1.

[Via Gizmodo, LWN, Times Online]

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