Boxee WiFi Remote

Remember the other day, when I said that using your phone as a remote had been done before? I mentioned Boxee under one of the companies that was doing this. Turns out there isn’t an official Boxee remote application, just a couple the work with it. It should be noted that Boxee is working on one, but that isn’t what this article is about. Anyway… Thanks to Sunil Sadasivan the bar has been raised on Boxee remote apps already released on the market. The Boxee WiFi Remote app lets you do anything on Boxee you can do on your computer, including using your trackball as a mouse. All this is made possible by, you guessed it, WiFi. Hit the Via link to jump on over to Androinica and watch Boxee WiFi Remote in action, or, just search the Android market for Boxee and you’ll find it there. Let us know how it works in the comments, if I can get around to it, I’ll do the same.

Via Androinica

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