Dell Mini 5 Passes Through FCC


A little over a week ago, we got a sneak peek of the Dell Mini 5 from Michael Dell himself. It only makes sense that you would see it pass through the FCC any time now right? Awhile before we saw Mr. Dell showing off the Mini 5, it was being said that a company by the name of Qisda would be manufacturing it. On the right side of the picture you see the inside of the battery cover on a certain Qisda M01M, the prototype device spotted in Shenzhen looking a lot like a Mini 5, a whole lot. On the left side of the picture you see the label included in the FCC filing for a device bearing the same exact name. Coincidence? Nah. At this point it’s pretty safe to say we officially have clearance of the Dell Mini 5 through the FCC, complete with those AT&T 3G bands so many of you have been lusting after. No one knows exactly when the Mini 5 will launch or exactly what it will be equipped with, but we do know it will be something to pay attention to. Keep checking back with DroidDog for news, and don’t forget to join to the forums for a little after post reading discussion.

Via Engadget

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