Desire to be a Legend and pre-order today

HTC DesireWhile the Nexus One is generally considered “the sheriff ’round these parts” when it comes to superphones, there’s another device that is clamoring for the title. That device would be the HTC Desire, which has the same hardware as the Nexus One, but has one big important difference: HTC’s Sense UI. This in-depth software tweak delivered by HTC is a huge selling point for a lot of people, and we’re not surprised that HTC created a Nexus One-like device with the improvements. If you’ve been holding off from picking up the Nexus One for this exact reason, then here’s your chance to start on the pre-order bandwagon. Thanks to Expansys, we can now say that the Desire is set to launch April 12th. However, this ship date is only reflected on the UK site, and not the US site. Price wise, you’re looking at spending a cool $689.99 to get this thing in your hand. You can pre-order here.

HTC LegendAnd then we have the Hero’s successor, the HTC Legend. It’s got a slightly faster processor than the Hero, but the big difference would be the screen. While it’s the same size, it’s packing an OLED display, which makes it all the more worthwhile. It’s got an optical trackpad, much the same way the Desire does, and it’s an all aluminum encasement. It looks quite smooth, if you ask us, especially with HTC’s chosen color scheme. You can find the Legend on Expansy’s website as well, with the same release date as the Desire, or April 12th, but is still only dated to ship on the UK site. The Legend will cost you $619.99. You can pre-order here.

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