Droid 2.1 update *is* coming…PSYCH!

What a tangled blogosphere we weave when first we practice to break leaks. it wasn’t even a leak, really, when Motorola announced via their Facebook fan page that 2.1 would be rolling out sometime this week. In fact, it seems like it was just one manifestation of a company-wide temporary case of Tourette.

There was a page posted in Moto’s FAQ that detailed what users would find in the update, and perhaps more importantly, what they wouldn’t. That page is gone now and I’m starting to wonder if the early withdrawal was a response to public complaints about the lack of 2.1′s new app drawer and live wallpaper. As of now, only the Nexus One has those features and it seems like there’s a pretty good chunk of folks (granted, the unhappy few often speak loudest) don’t think it’s fair for Google to reserve some Android features for their own phones. Is it really that big a deal? Anyway, with Mobile World Congress about to kick off, perhaps Moto just brought the hammer down on a couple of anxious folks with loose lips.

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