Droid: Update on the update (or lack thereof)


The back-and-forth shenanigans regarding the 2.1 Motorola Droid update is probably almost as frustrating to bloggers as it is to the owners of said gadget. And while we may not know when or exactly what, something is in the air. The image above, capped by Droid Life, shows a grab of the Droid product page over at Motorola, including the link, “SOFTWARE UPDATE NEW.” It’s pointing to an old update, but if DL is correct, this link (emphasis on the word new) is new itself. A remnant of the company-wide stutter that started this whole debacalu? (Tip o’ the hat to Mr. Morgan.)

The image after the break, from Android Central, reveals that Verizon employees have been assured that the update is still expected to roll out soon.

thumb_550_Droid update

Via Droid Life and Android Central

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