DroidDog discount at DroidShirts.com

UPDATE: Many of the orders inspired by this post were never fulfilled and I’ve heard of a few that were never refunded. DroidDog cannot endorse this company. [END UPDATE]

recoveryIf you’re one of those folks who likes to spread the word and wave your flag for all to see, DroidShirts.com has you and your Android needs covered. Whether you want to show support for Cyanogen, ask your friends “iWhat?” or get other techies asking questions with my favorite, “Recovery,” shown to the right, this site is your one-stop shop. They’ve got keychains and hoodies as well. And while prices are already decent, the first 10 people to use the coupon code “droiddog” (without quotes) at checkout will get %50 knocked off of their order ($20 minimum for coupon). Not bad, eh?

What’s more is that DroidDog’s reviewer of cooked ROMs, Carlos Graves, has his very own shirt in the “Special Edition” section of the site, pictured below. I hear it all began in a TinyChat session when the cone challenged Graves (yes, he’s colorblind) was told he was wearing purple pants. He wasn’t sure about what color they were, goofing ensued, and the #carlospants hashtag was born. It has been lovingly transferred to these tees in all its fuchsia glory. So grab yourself a shirt for Carlos and fight the fight of the colorblind! Or, you know, just do it for the lulz.


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