eBay application now available in Android Market

eBay Nexus One HomescreenHave you ever been walking down the sidewalk, and had this insatiable desire to check eBay? Or, maybe you’ve been bidding on a brand new Android device for the last few hours, and suddenly you need to go run and take the dog for a walk. You don’t want to miss a second, lest you be out-bid and miss out on obtaining a brand new toy. Thankfully, eBay has come to your rescue with an official application. And why shouldn’t they? With reports coming out that there are 60,000 Android devices sold every day, why wouldn’t eBay want to jump on board? The good news? The app looks really, really good.

eBay Nexus One Item ViewSo, what can the app do? A nice list, actually. First and foremost, it’s got a speech-to-text search feature. Hitting the small microphone next to the search bar will give you quick access to it. It has buyer alerts as well, which allows you to stay up to date on the status of your auctions and bids in a timely fashion. (And that’s kind of the whole point, right?) You’re also able to search categories, search completed listings, and also refine your search if you see fit, and a few more. And what happens if you happen to win that precious Android device while you’re out on the walk? You can pay from PayPal right from your phone, easy as pie. Use eBay enough to think this is the next great thing next to sliced bread? Then go ahead and search “eBay” in the Market. Should pop right up.

eBay Nexus One List View

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