Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout TAT

3dTAT Home that is, and they should be talking. The Astonishing Tribe has brought the fluidity, grace, style, and functionality of their absolutely killer concept UIs to a very real product that will soon be available for Android phones. The mind-blowingly creative bunch that is TAT were part of the creation process for the original Android UI, and the connection has been causing buzz in the Android community since before the G1 was released.

If you’ve never seen TAT’s work, check out their showroom or a post I wrote for PhoneDog a while back that shows off a 3D eye-tracking UI, something called “Asia Cute,” “History Lane,” and “Social Pond.” Freaking. Sick. Video of TAT Home – the blisteringly cool home that’s truly, finally headed for Android – after the break:


TAT Home (the real deal):

3D Eye-Tracking UI (concept):

Via Engadget

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