Get tub-side with Motorola

Taking a page out of T-Mobile’s book (see: Catherine Zeta-Jones), Motorola has started a new ad campaign using Megan Fox as their MOTOBLUR spokesperson. Can anyone out there think of a better way to start the campaign than to put Ms. Fox in a bathtub sending out pictures via BLUR? No? Then we are on the same page. The Superbowl ad most of you have seen by now was, as I just mentioned, only the start. Hit the jump to see what else Motorola is doing and for a video of the ad.

Now live on Moto’s site is a whole slew of advertising for BLUR and the Devour complete with interactive tours, MOTOBLUR account sign up, and extra Super Bowl ad scenes for your viewing pleasure. Those of you who just can’t wait can also sign up to know when the Devour becomes available via e-mail. We know that Motorola has at least another 9 Android devices up their sleeves so plan on seeing a lot more advertising from the company in the coming year. Back to the ad we have already seen… was it too much? Not informative enough? The average consumer doesn’t want to know how fast the processor is or what kind of screen a device is using until they are in the store looking at them (and possibly not even then). Because of that, companies are looking for what is attention grabbing enough to spark some interest in people, something that will start the ball rolling on getting people in the store and getting a device in their hands. I like the Motorola is willing to be edgy and funny, yet still find a way advertise their product well. People may not remember that The Devour is a fully integrated social networking phone running on Android, but they will remember to check out that commercial again.

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