Google acquires Aardvark, drops it in the lab

Aardvark facilitates a method of searching for answers amongst a userbase of people who have associated themselves with tags that reference certain topics of expertise. Let’s say you ask, “How do I set up push email in Android?” It will be sent to someone who has indicated that they want to answer Android questions. What sets this system apart from something like, say, Yahoo Answers, is that only your network is queried. Aardvark is also a real name service, so asking how to find the best hobby won’t result in answers like “check ur buttt.” Well, I guess it depends on your network.

Now that Google has acquired Aardvark, the service can be found in Google labs and it’s a piece of cake to import Google and Facebook contacts. What I really like about the service is that questions can be asked and answered over IM, via an Aardvark client-friend that you add to your list. Now I just need a bigger network. Do something about that, would ya, Google? Oh, and hook me up with some great Android apps integration. (Desktop IM screen cap after the break)



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