Google Earth released to Market, 2.1 users only

Google EarthWhen Google announced the Nexus One, one of the main things they wanted to show was Google Earth running seamlessly on the device. They took viewers through a couple different places, showing the previously desktop-only application working like a charm on their handset. It was a great demo, and it really did a wonderful job of showing just how powerful the Nexus One really is. (Not that anyone needed to be persuaded by that Snapdragon, right?) The time has come for all of you Nexus One owners out there to go ahead and head to the Android Market and start picking up the application for yourselves. It works just as smooth as it did during the demo, so you should all be very happy with the results. However, for those of you wary about your memory usage, keep in mind that Google Earth is a beast when it comes to memory allocation. So, just keep an eye on that cache.

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