Google prepares Flash player for standard Android

FlashOne of the highlights of Sense UI gracing the Android Operating System, was HTC’s decision to include Flash player capabilities within the browser. Of course, as most things are, it was met with all sorts of reviews: some saying the idea and implementation was great, to others saying they wish it never would have happened. Well, hopefully your personal belief veers more towards the good, because it’s official that Google is pushing the software into their stock Android devices.

Erick Tseng was on scene at Mobile World Congress on Tuesday, taking part in Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s (keep the Eric(k)s straight, please) keynote regarding the presence and evolution of Google’s little green robot. Tseng and the rest of the Android teams plan to work closely with Adobe, so that they can “tie the Flash runtime directly into the high-end hardware in these devices.” Seems a lofty premise, unless the Android team believes devices like the CLIQ or Pulse are high-end devices. In which case, giving the Nexus One the “superphone” label wasn’t such a bad idea after all. No release date as of now, but you can be sure this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing about this. What do you think? Is supporting Flash the best way to go?

via PC World

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